Faroderm - your entry into the German health market

Looking for a market entry into the German market?

We are experts for sales and marketing in the dermatological OTC, medical device and cosmetic field.

More than 30 years of dermatological experience has made us to experts in the
entire dermatological field in terms of medical devices and skincare products.

We already distribute international brands and our own successful products in
Germany and international markets.

Offering partnership

We offer international companies to evaluate marketability of innovative skincare
products and medical devices with additional dermatological health benefits
with the right instincts for recognizing quality and sales success potential.

New ideas, strategies and products

We develop targeted portfolio strategies and appropriate product ideas and our team of dermatology specialists help laying the foundation for our clients’ long-term growth.

Faroderm is the ideal partner for analysing market trends and gathering ideas for
new healthcare products.

For further information please contact:
Dietmar Seifert
Phone: + 49 6187 9939370